What if you could have more style and feel more confident and beautiful in just 21 days?

and feel happier and more confident afterwards!

Find your own unique style and take it to the next level with this unique style course: 21 Steps to a More Stylish You. Feel confident, beautiful and stylish!

Currently closed but new live course launching soon - Get notified when it opens!

Do you feel that you could look and feel a lot better than you do?

You are not alone! Many women feel that way.

Perhaps you feel you never have the time to look good.

Or maybe your body has changed and you do not know how to dress it anymore.

You may not be happy with your body anymore and feel like hiding it.

Perhaps you have retired and don’t feel that you need to dress up anymore.

Or you don’t recognise who you are anymore and feel like you have lost your way when it comes to style.

Or maybe you feel that you can’t afford to look good.

Why it it important to pay attention to your style?

My own style was not always fabulous.

Especially in those times when I did not feel good about myself or worked from home and did not feel it was necessary to put effort into the way I looked.

But guess what?

If you don’t pay attention to yourself and the way you look, you will start to feel even worse.

You will stop feeling feminine or pretty and may feel you are wasting away. You look in the mirror and see a woman you don’t recognise.

Not only will you see someone you don’t recognise, so will others. The way you look should tell something about you. Your style should reflect your personality and your outlook on life.

If your style does not reflect who you are and how you want to feel, you will start to feel even worse.

Why not do something about it?

I have found that it’s really important to feel good in your clothes.

Not only will you LOOK better, you will also FEEL better. You will feel more CONFIDENT and HAPPY!

And looking better can be a lot easier than you think!

I have learned that taking myself through some simple steps, I can look good every day with little effort.

All that is required is some self knowledge and a few tips and tricks that can instantly make a difference.

Discover it for yourself and go on a style journey.

Find out what makes you feel confident, beautiful and stylish!

In 21 steps you will discover more about your own body, your personality, your style preferences and learn how to apply them to your unique self.

In each lesson you will learn something unique about yourself and your style.

What you will find out may just surprise you!

By the end of the course you will know:

how to move forward

how to dress better and

how to advance your style, so you feel

more beautiful, more confident and more like yourself!

How will this course help you?

  • Understand your body and learn how to dress for it.
  • Get to know your own style personality and what styles suit you.
  • Find out what needs to stay and what needs to go in your wardrobe.
  • Discover the essentials of a truly unique style and how to achieve your desired style.
  • Find out how to mix and match your outfits
  • Learn about the colors that work for you and how they can enhance your style.
  • Get creative with textures and print and learn how to use them to your advantage.
  • Find out how to use accessories and learn about the effectiveness of the right shoes.
  • Find out about the best hairstyle for your face shape.
  • Create your personal action plan and take your style to the next level!

Hi I'm Sylvia!

I'm the founder of 40plusstyle.com and the 40+Style Club. My site & style courses have alrready helped thousands of  women over 40 ignite their style.

I believe that we can all look fabulous no matter our age, size or lifestyle. Looking good helps you feel better about yourself and therefore happier and more confident in your day-to-day life.

I created the 21 steps to a More Stylish You courrse, so you can finally develop your own signture style that makes you feel happy and confident!

If you like more support in your style journey, both myself, the 40+Style team and the other women in the community are here to support you in your journey to feel amazing every single day with ready-made outfits and capsules, fun challenges and style master classes.

I can't wait to connect with you!

This style course is for you if

You want to learn how to have fun with fashion!

You want to feel better about the way you look which will ultimately make you happier

You want to feel more confident

You want to be more attractive to others

You are stuck in a style rut and don’t know how to get out

You just want to spend some time on YOU!

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I’ve really enjoyed Sylvia’s style course. At first, I questioned whether I would have time to complete this. But as the days passed, I found myself hooked on learning the new concept and “playing” in my closet to attempt the style assignments. I’m not a “selfie” taking person, but I now have a catalog of outfit photos in my phone and on pinterest.

On the weekends, I’ve found myself putting together outfits for fun, documenting them with a photo and then I’m ready to go with my work week. This has been a great investment of my time. Overall, I now understand why I like certain outfits and how to apply these basic concepts. I highly recommend this course."

Lydia Leigh

"Although I didn’t have the time to really spend on this course, I was able to read each day’s material and took a lot of the information to use each day.

What I enjoyed the most is this information has made me think when I’m putting my outfits together.

One example is that I wore a long necklace with my work outfit recently and I had so many compliments on the necklace with my outfit. I rarely wear necklaces.

This told me to do it more often. It made me think about my outfits. Thank you Sylvia for offering this course. Next time I will put more time into the homework!"

Karen v P

"This course helped me better understand all the elements that went into and make up style.

The assignments for each section were very helpful in thinking through what works for you as an individual.

The course isn’t something that you can do quickly as the assignments took thought. Planning the outfits for each photo assignment took thought as well.

It has enabled me to be a more “conscious” dresser. I really enjoyed the course. The art of personal adornment should not be something we hate or dread, it should be fun. This course was fun!"

Vickie Hutcheson

Would you like to get support during your style journey and tap into the wonderful community of the 40+Style club as well?

Although the 21 course provides the perfect framework to get clear on your style, you may like to upgrade and get additional support from both myself and our style mentors.

You will get:

  • Addtional monthly training
  • Monthly challenges
  • Monthly interactive online get-togethers
  • Support from our style mentors
  • and a private community full of supportive 40+ women!

Your 40+ Style club mentors

Get access to these fabulous women when you opt for forum support

Sylvia (50) is editor in chief of 40+Style and will conduct style training and lead the monthly live sessions.

Cynthia (45) used to be a stylist to the stars but now she is devoted to help you get your style groove back

Rosemond (50) is is our beauty and grooming specialist. She has fabulous style too!

Ruth is a stylist and image consultant and will answer any styling questions you may have

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Bravo Sylvia! I can’t say enough good things about this course. It contains detailed information and an interactive process that result in real learning about the topic of style.

I was able to set achievable goals for myself and apply lessons that transformed my style.Examining yourself through the lens of personal style is a challenging process but the results are so rewarding."

Elaine Lasher

"Sylvia provided content and guidance in all of the 21 Steps.

I truly feel more confident about my style and understand myself better.

It is a stellar style course….hands on and fun. Exactly what I needed at this time in my life.

Thank you, Sylvia!"


"Sylvia’s course allows you to really figure out what your own personal best style is and to just work with your own unique body and your own personality and I can’t say how refreshing and freeing it was!

I just feel like I know what I really should and shouldn’t be looking for in clothing and what I don’t even need to waste my time and money on."


Frequently Asked Questions

How will this course be conducted?

This is a self study course.

After registration you will start your online course in the private course area of the style club and will see 21 steps (lessons). You will get instant access.

I recommend you to take one step each day to get maximum benefit out of this course. Each step we will discuss a topic and you can do OPTIONAL style assignements. You can complete the assignments privately and in your own time. If you are a member of the style club, you can also share your photos in the private community and get feedback from your style mentors.

Do I have to buy any new clothes?

We give you a shopping list every month but these are just suggestions. You will find that you have most of the pieces we suggest already in your wardrobe. We are here to help you save money by creating a cohesive wardrobe and showing you many ways in which you can mix and match your clothes.

What kind of women are taking this course? I'm 60 already, is that too old?
Absolutely not! Women of all ages have taken this course and benefited from it.

What is the difference between the 21 steps course and the Style club?

The course is a structured 21 day programme that takes you on a style journey in a very structured way. The 21 steps course features one style assignment every day to advance your style starting from the basics to more advanced topics. It's the perfect starting point for your style journey. If you take advantage of opting for the support as well, you will also get access to the 40+Style Club which can be seen more as a 'playground' for your style. There is no longer-form structured course, but rather special style themes each month. These range from basic style themes to more advanced topics. You will get in-depth training on style theme each month. You will also get more done-for-you solutions like ready-made capsules that you can use for your own wardrobe. The style challenges, master classes and workshops will help you to learn more about style but will also stimulate lots of interaction in the club and just be allround FUN!

I'm not very technical. Is this course easy to use?

Yes! I've kept the site super simple and easy to navigate. All you need to do is login and just browse like a normal website. If you're opting in for additional support the community group is on Facebook which makes it very easy to interact and upload images.

Do I have to be on Facebook?

The 21 Steps course is fully online, so if you have opted for the self-study option, you don't need to be on Facebook. However, if you like the extra support and feedback from our style mentors and club members, you wll need to have a Facebook account.

In what currency is the price?

All quoted prices are in US$

What happens after I paid?
You will get a welcome email with your access info to the site. You will get immediate access to course and if you have opted for the support all training in the style club as well. If you can’t find the email, please check your Junk Mail folder or send a note to the 40+StyleClub team. If you opted for the course + support option,  your creditcard or Paypal account will be billed each month.

Can I upgrade after signing up?

You can switch to a yearly membership at any time, which will go into effect from the first day that you upgrade.

What is your refund policy?
We offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 7 days of your purchase. Simply send us an email and we will refund you.

The 21 Steps Style Course is currently closed for enrolment.

Be sure to get on our list and be notified when the course opens again.

still have questions?

If we didn't answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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